Friday, June 13, 2008

I AM the little engine that could. I think.

  • I made turkey/chicken soup first thing this morning.
  • My phone rang a total of eight times before I left the house at 9:30 with six kids to run errands and visit the animals at Top Crop.
  • All my daughters have pigtails today. That may not seem like a big deal to anyone who doesn't have three daughters under the age of 8, but it is. Trust me.
  • Juggle cell phone calls regarding babysitters during work next week and switching shifts so I can have one day off this week.
  • Home for a good wholesome lunch after dropping Levi off at the school at 12:00.
  • Clean up and laundry. Sort recycling. Wrap Alexanders gift.
  • Blog!
  • Get Hannah working on her schoolwork. Out again by 2:00
  • Drop off schoolwork and books at the other school.
  • Drop off recycling.
  • Drop off Shiloh at the birthday party. Pick up Levi.
  • Off to the eye Dr. for Levi
  • Back home again for good wholesome dinner. Pick up Shiloh.
  • Kiss husband. Soundly. Twice at least.
  • Start dishwasher and laundry.
  • Off to work.

As I am typing this I am only on the first load of laundry on the list. It appears I am going to need a little more coffee.

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