Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Blog therapy

After a very in-depth, emotional conversation with my mother, I have come to the conclusion that my undisciplined toe hair practices are a result of low self-esteem caused by seeing my father wearing pink tights in public. Childhood trauma like that simply cannot be undone by therapy.......

( I should probably clarify that the pink tights were part of a town crier costume for the children's festival. For the record, when you are coming up on adolescence, knowing the purpose of the pink tights does not lessen the impact.)


Mrs.Q said...

Try having him wear the pink tights AT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL.

And I still want to know what the problem is with toe hair! I like my fuzzy toes. Mr.Q thinks they are cute. It makes him think of hobbits. I refuse to pluck, shave, depilate, clear-cut, or otherwise remove my toe hair.

Anonymous said...

You believed the Town Crier alibi?
-tight in pink-